Aki you guys, we need to talk!

When I say guys I mean my Kenyans abroad.

Kuna tutabia that we really have to drop. Wallahi!

Why I don’t tell the African story

Can I sleep on your couch?

This happened to me. I didn’t know how to react so I took a moment to think. I actually didn’t know what to say. This does not even happened in Kenya. Where you just meet someone on social media and request to sleep in their house? What happened to taking care of yourself when you travel? Aki wasee…tuache ujamaa aina hii!


Why are we like this? Aren’t we all hunters in this jungle? I have found myself in situations where people from my home country even trash talk my blog upon our first meeting. They feel like I am targeting them. Ok fine, it was only one time that I met an insecure person but she ruined my day and made me quit the gym I loved due to her negative energy.

The dog that ate underwear and other stories


Why are we like this? Why do we clean our dirty linen abroad on social media pages like Kilimani Mums, Chitchat for Nairobi mums and the rest? C’mon, we are already facing a hard time living in countries abroad. It doesn’t matter how bad things are just let it go. It’s embarrassing!


We need to stop gossiping about each other. Spouses, lifestyle and things. Just do your thing. Silently. Help when you can and if you can’t please tumia kanua!