Guys, every country has it’s culture. And this is mostly influenced by their basic needs. In Kenya, we only have three basic needs; food, clothes and shelter.

Below are Sweden’s five basic needs……


For those who are already wondering what this is; It’s a curved instrument used for easing one’s heel into a shoe. All my life I have use my finger for that purpose and when I moved her to Sweden, I laughed my heart out. Everyone just stared at me. Guys, this is a basic need. When you count food clothes and shelter one must count a shoe horn as well here in Sweden. I swear!

Shoe horn

2. Back scratcher

I have already addressed this before as a topic on it’s own on a previous blog post. In Sweden, you can live without human contact and survive. Just as long as you have the right instruments.

Lessons from Kenyans in Sweden

Recently while shopping in a thrift shop, I discovered an extendable back scratcher. Yes, people, that’s a thing! I posted that on my Facebook and some of my friends said if the selfie stick became popular then this would do as well. But guys, what happened to asking your neighbor to scratch your back as you scratched his? Literally?

Back Scratcher


3.Bird food

The only time an average Kenyan shops animal food is if he or she benefits mutually.

Like getting eggs or meat from poultry eventually, milk from cows and security from dogs.

Types of Kenyans you will meet abroad

But here people do buy food for random birds. To entice them to visit their balconies. Guys, I don’t make up these stories so quit rolling your eyes as you read this. Please!

Bird House

4. Swedish flag

It’s not uncommon to find a flag in a Vikings household. It’s usually either folded carefully inside and or hanging on a poll outside. Swedes are very patriotic even if they are always saying bad things about their country.

Typical Swedish Homestead

5.Stuffed animals

A stuffed toy is a toy with an outer fabric sewn from a textile and then stuffed with a flexible material.

Why the Vikings don’t clean their shoes

While you would think that this would just excite kids, this actually excites adults here as well. People have real life horses size of stuffed animals in their houses. Stop with those muffled sniffles. I see you trying not to burst out with laughter as well. Kwa raha zao!

Stuffed Animals