This is going to be the second time I will be spending Christmas away from my family. It’s not easy but some sacrifices. And if you are going through the same issue please read through this article and pick out what may be relevant for you this lonely Christmas.


Don’t Get Angry

This was me last year.But getting angry doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t get you to your family. It just stresses you and everyone else out more.

You will see them soon

If you don’t get to be with your family on the holiday, you can always plan to visit soon after. Going for a random weekend (or longer) at a less hectic time of year can not only be better for your pockets (we all know Christmas time flights are a rip-off), but it can also help you have more fun because you only have to bring yourself — not gifts.

Rest In Peace Kisang’ule!

Start Your Own Traditions

Play board games last Christmas after  church and open gifts. Cook a few small dishes and we just sat back and enjoy.

Enjoy Other People’s Holiday Spirit

Hit the streets and check out the light displays on people’s homes. Go see the massive tree in your community. Watch a performance of the Nutcracker or a Christmas parade in your town. Bring in the holiday at your church. There are more options than you think.


I want the world to know…..

Celebrate With Friends

If you have even just one or two friends around who aren’t going home for Christmas either, come together and have a good time. Watch some movies, cook together, go out to eat (if you know of places near you that will be open to feed folks on Christmas), and just enjoy the holiday with your other family.

Be Grateful for Who and What You Have

For those of us who are really attached to our kin, Christmas without them can feel a little…bootleg. However, it’s a good time to reflect on the people and things you’ve been blessed with. Your significant other and their family. A decent job. A roof over your head. Food on your table. The positive things. Now imagine how bad the holiday would really be without them.