Circumcision and staring contests!

I make friends easily, that has never been a problem.  However, lately I have discovered that I also tend to attract some queer characters to my welcoming nature.

In my previous posts, I have shared about sexual harassment  and a Gypsy who got too close.

I don’t know why I can’t shake off weirdos, but on the other hand if I didn’t meet these people, perhaps this blog wouldn’t be alive.

So recently, I met a self-confessed circumcised Mzungu.

No, it’s not what you think. No one got naked for this conversation.

Here is what really happened…..

While rushing to the bus stop from my Swedish For Immigrants classes (SFI) a man waved at me. I didn’t wave back because I assumed he was waving at someone else. He later caught up with me and coincidentally headed towards the same direction. We even got into the same bus and interestingly sat together. I knew immediately this could not be a Swedish native. We began talking and I found out he was from Bosnia. So we shared a little about where we both came from and everything was just working out fine until he announced : “I circumcised!” I wasn’t sure what was more strange. His broken English or his revelation on his manhood. I looked around to see if there was any English speaker eaves dropping on our conversation but everyone was busy doing the Swedish thing to do in a bus; staring at their phones and avoiding eye contact.

Ambushed by a gypsy!

I couldn’t hide my shock and so I asked him why he sharing such personal information. Well, he revealed that he was just sharing something that would be similar to my culture and apologised. He further revealed that he had a girlfriend and would not do anything funny to a girl he had just met. I believed him and frankly speaking I might have misunderstood him due to language barrier. Still, that was one strange conversation.

Then there is this guy I like to call MR Climate….

I first met Mr Climate at the stop outside my gym. He tried to get me to sign up for some climate movement worth sh 770 (70kronner) but I declined. He asked me a little about myself.  I’m such a polite character when I’m in a new country so I spared him some of my precious time. I liked him. At least he didn’t ask if elephants and lions walk in the streets in Kenya.  I forgot about him l I bumped into him again at Centrum (Gothenburg’s CBD) . This time I was in a hurry to catch a tram to a meeting. He tried to sell the same thing and I reminded him that we had met before. That’s when I realised something was totally wrong with him. He stared at me, sized me up then asked: “Are you going to see your friend?”

I could see the tram approaching so made it obvious that I was in a hurry. He didn’t get my point and so he asked: “Do you want me to go away?”

Ofcourse I wanted him to go. Luckily the Tram stopped and I hopped in as soon as it stopped. I couldn’t handle that small talk anymore! I met him two weeks ago while headed to the library. This time he remembered me. He wanted to know why I was so smartly dressed and if I was going to visit my friend. I did not respond. I had nothing to say and so he walked away after minutes of staring. I pray that I won’t meet him again!

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