I was bullied at the dance floor…….

I really didn’t want to write this blog post . Especially because am about to castigate my people.

People who are already having a hard time in society. But if I don’t then why do I even blog in the first place? Do I blog to fight for the rights of black people? No, I blog to highlight my struggles abroad. I blog to educate. And this is what this post is about. About empowering and educating.

That said, this post is as a result of some things I went through at a reggae concert in Gothenburg recently. As you can imagine most reggae fans in these Nordic countries are of African descent. At the concert, I felt not only violated but realized that some black men and when I say some I mean two percent of the men in the crowd have some wayward expectations from black women. Almost as if they own us.

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I was dancing and minding my own business when a random guy decided to put his hands around my waist. While at it, he started singing loudly into my ears and raining saliva wrapped with mouth odor straight outta cheap Russian whiskey. I politely requested that he let go as I wasn’t comfortable but he condescendingly sized me up as he arrogantly told me to ‘remember my roots’. I was too disrespectful for an African. So what are my roots? Being objectified?

A few minutes later I find the same guy by the counter as I refilled my wine glass. This time he told his friends that I felt so special and that I don’t talk to black people. Mind you I was in that club with my black girlfriends. That stung. I just felt that he was projecting some frustrations. Society can be rough to black people. But he should not take it out on me. I’m not the enemy!

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While I understand that his beef with me could be a result of past or ongoing tough experiences I think he should be tough. Being black is not a bad thing when you don’t suffer inferiority complex. We need to know we are just awesomely different. We are not disabled!

This guy, I later came to learn that he is married and has a wife and two kids at home.

That said, I love you, my black people. I understand the struggle. I go through it every day. Let’s keep pushing!

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