Do you write these posts for class 8 dropouts?

That was a comment I got from an anonymous reader on my blog post last week. They were not impressed that I could actually take time to explain why some Kenyans in Diaspora come back home broke.

Guys, of course, most of my blog posts are common sense. I’m not here to prove myself, I’m here to mostly remind you something you already know.

Anyway, last week I talked about Diasporans choosing to feed fish to the people back home instead of showing them how to fish. So how do we stop this handout behaviour?

Money is personal and talking about it can create highly emotional reactions especially when you have to say no.

Avoid handouts.

Stop creating an impression that you have a money tree in your host country. Don’t be the guy who walks around with lose change to hand out to everyone you meet during your visit home. You not only create expectations for yourself and the rest of the summer bunnies or whatever they are called nowadays. Whoever is expecting handouts has two hands just like you so ….

Need to know basis.

Why do you have to tell everyone what you do for a living? So that they can estimate how much you earn? Sometimes you gotta save people from themselves!

Don’t get too involved.

I know it might be tempting, but please stop getting involved in everyone’s financial woes. If necessary do it through a proxy. Empathy can be dangerous.

Mute Social Media

Social media ni nusu ya kuonana! Ok, fine I just made that up. But the point is, whatever impression you create on social media could put you in a compromising situation.


Babe, this summarises all the above and please stop feeling guilty for setting healthy boundaries!