Head scarfs by Maridadi Wear

First of all I try my best not to post press releases and promos on my blog.

I feel like posting my embarrassing moments huku majuu makes you guys come back here to see if I still have my limbs intact.

But can you please excuse me today?

As you may recall in the past, I have always been against meeting Kenyans after a my first very nasty experiences when I got here.

No new friends!

But am slowly softening up.

I met this lady with so much positive energy and when she hit me up to attend her launch I could not resist. Her name is Nyandia and together with her friend K they are importing Kitenge inspired clothes for the Swedish market.

Gothenburg, a city without secrets!

See below how our interview went and what inspires her. Oh and I like her accent….so if you are in Gothenburg, Sweden please hit them up HERE