Healthy! What to eat on a flight

Guys, I don’t travel a lot but when I tend to overdose on all sorts of unhealthy kosokoso I have been avoiding on a normal day.

So for the sake of frequent and not frequent travellers, I compiled a list of what to eat and skip while on a plane.

  1. Avoid main courses that are drowned in sauce. These are often loaded with butter or sugar.
  2. Pick a dish that has good amounts of lean protein and vegetables. Fish and chicken breast are the best choices.
  3. Watch out for white bread, white rice, and pasta. These could leave you feeling bloated afterward.
  4. Pack nuts and fruit in your hand luggage and munch on them during the flight instead of desserts or snacks.
  5. Find healthy alternatives to refined sugar like fruits that you can buy within the airport.
  6. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep hydrated before, during, and after your flight. And especially after drowning yourself in those awful tasting tiny bottles of wine.
  7. Don’t forget that a relaxing drink in the air may be one you later regret. The cabin’s dehydrating environment combined with the effects of coffee, tea, and alcohol can leave you even more dehydrated.
  8. Consider packing your own healthy meals (without liquids and pastes, of course) to monitor the kind of nutrients you’re consuming.
  9. If you can, eat and sleep at the times you would at your destination. This will help you stave off jet lag.
  10. Walk around and stretch during long flights. This kickstarts your energy and rids yourself of the groggy feeling at high altitudes.

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