Heartbreak: When you are dumped abroad

Guys, relationships don’t always work out abroad. And this is not because there is some sort of witchcraft abroad. No, sometimes it’s because we move blindly hoping that the underlying issues before moving to a new country, will just disappear.

It takes a lot of guts to walk away from a relationship especially when in a new country. So how do you pick up yourself?

1. Speak to your friends and family

Trust me, they will listen ( for 3 months straight) to your problems and offer words of encouragement. Especially your siblings. When you need it, they will also tell you why your ex is the worst person in the world, which is exactly what someone going through a break up might need from time to time!

2. Go out!

You will hate doing it but you will master the art of putting a fake smile on your face. Going out pushes you to not feel so sorry for yourself and it keeps your thoughts away from your ex as much as it is possible. Say yes to any offer of interaction. You never know…..

3. Go offline

Social media can be a horrible thing for break ups – you will see when he’s out with his friends, when he was last active on whatsapp, the photos on your wall will remind you of the better times. Best thing? Delete him from everywhere, unfollow his friends in case he gets tagged in their photos and try to not send him drunken messages ( again, delete the phone number).

4. Be open to new encounters

In the beginning, you may not face accepting attention from other people. You may still think that you are still in a relationship. However, little by little it becomes easier until you actually discover yourself liking someone new!

5. Stay positive!

I would like to stress that if things are going horribly wrong on your first year abroad, don’t quit and don’t give up. Just get through it and you will be surprised how a very bad situation can actually turn out to lead to the best experience you’ve ever had!

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