How to bag that Tinder crush

I know some of you are about to sneer ati mbu Cate you should stop encouraging our girls from dating junguz. Priss! I cannot stop them. Interracial relationships are here to stay mpende msipende.

Especially now that online dating is the in thing I felt that I should share a few tips. I’m not an expert but her are some things that I thought tha

Smile! Friendly and confident wins hearts, no matter where in the world an expat is from.

Check the whole picture. Make sure the background sends the right message. So do a little Photoshopping or choose another picture if you’re standing next to, say, a table full of empty beer bottles or a laptop open to an unsavoury website.

Create a catchy headline and username. If the online dating site features headlines and customizable usernames, take some time to think about them. Your headline should spark curiosity and say something about you – perhaps including the name of your home country, native language or a hobby; it should also suggest the type of person you hope to meet. Browse other international dating profiles for inspiration, noting what types of profiles bowl you over.

It takes two. Focus on activities and interests you could do together with your potential partner instead of highlighting your solitary hobbies.

Be positive. Say what you like and what you want rather than complaining or saying what you don’t want.

Go deep. Don’t just say you like reading – mention your favourite genres and titles. If you like cooking, tell them you’ve been learning to prepare dishes from the foreign country you’re living in. If you love walking on the beach, describe why you’d like to share that experience with someone special.

KISS. Wait, kissing already? Not that kind! I mean KISS: keep it short and simple. Don’t be too wordy or make your expat dating profile too long.

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