How to make friends abroad

Guys, making friends abroad is not easy.

Trust me, I have been living in Sweden for two years and I understand this struggle so well.

So I will just dive in and give it to you as it is:-


– Don’t be shy – Most foreigners are quite friendly and also looking for friends so don’t be afraid to go up to them and say hello!

– Smile – You never know how far a smile can go.

Keep in contact with other expats through Facebook and email because you never know the next time you will cross paths again!

– Don’t be afraid to ask questions– ask for contacts in that city, ask a new friend to get drinks, ask where they come from, ask a local the must do’s! You never know if you don’t ask.

New Job, New country survival tips!

– If you have Twitter, why not try reaching out to other foreigners or hashtagging specific hashtags that may spark interests and friendships? If they respond, go meet up for coffee.

– Talk to those next to you on your flight or train cabin. You are already going to the same place, see what their plans are while they are there!

– Keep an open mind and don’t judge too quickly. Just because some may have different tastes in certain things, doesn’t mean they will be awful travel buddies. For all you know, they could have awesome ideas on things to do that you never even thought of!

Yeap, Sweden made me shy!


– Get out of your comfort zone. You already proved it thus far by going and traveling, so why not step out a little further and chat to people!

– If you want to meet friends, go out and meet them! You can’t meet people if you don’t put yourself out there!

– Put a bandaid on your face- someone will no doubt ask about your accident (come up with an epic story because an aircon panel falling on your face while in bed, is a bit lame)! ….Thus, became the start of bandaid girl and her legendary story!

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