A global quality of life survey earlier this year found that although Sweden was the top country in Europe for expats – it failed to make them socially acceptable.

In Sweden, you can live without human contact and survive. Just as long as you have the right instruments.

Recently while shopping in a thrift shop, I discovered an extendable back scratcher. Yes, people, that’s a thing! I posted that on my Facebook and some of my friends said if the selfie stick became popular then this would do as well. But guys, what happened to asking your neighbor to scratch your back as you scratched his? Literally?

As if that wasn’t enough I also found a bedsheet that marks the halfway point to resolve all disputes. So if you are fighting with your man, he keeps to his side of the bed. What happened to family interventions? Who needs an expensive divorce when you have such a bedsheet?

Let Africa be!

I won’t even talk about humans who make a big deal of walking into a bar with jackets and having to hold them the whole time: “Had to wear a winter coat out to the bars. Now I have to hold on to it the whole night.”

Isn’t that what friends are for? To hold your coat as you dance?


Swedes are very polite in most aspects but lately, I have been picking some weird habits from people who behave like they were brought up by wolves.
People seem to have no qualms about ignoring people, whether they be neighbors or strangers asking for directions, thus they affront what would be a normal (in my view) person’s sense of honor. Take for example the other day I walked into a makeup store and the sales lady got hostile because I could not remember the exact name of the product I wanted. So hostile that she sneered and became impatient with me.

Lessons from Kenyans in Sweden

This is offensive to anyone with a sense of honor and would lead to confrontation or a slug out in many places yet the sense of honor and respect just doesn’t seem to be there.

Anyways, I reported this to the management of the store and it was solved promptly. I also spoke to a friend from the UK who shared similar thoughts. Customer care is lacking in Sweden. Pathetic!