Hustler: Challenges I face while investing in Kenya

On Monday, I mentioned that I have made peace that Sweden is my office and one day I will go on a long holiday back to Kenya. I began this journey in early 2018. It has not been and will never be a walk in the park.

Recently thugs even went to my parent’s house hoping to get some money from my mother just because they have seen my ongoing construction. As if we would keep money in the house. How stupid. By the way, dear thugs, if you are reading this, I pay from Sweden. I don’t send money in bulk coz I cannot afford that!

Living like a pauper. I live a very basic life here in Sweden. Sinaga kakitu because I put all my money into savings. I have to make sacrifices for a better future.

Emergency. Sometimes things don’t always work out as planned and small things pop up on the way and I’m forced to pinch off my investment fund.

Fear. I trust my dad with my life and he is in charge of everything. However, he just like me is also walking some of these journeys for the first time. I just fear to invest in white elephant projects.

Lack of motivation. Seeing that the only person I share these dreams with is my boyfriend for fear of being accused of bragging, I don’t really have any other person who tells me: ‘You go, Cate!’

Limited funds. I don’t qualify for loans so you can imagine the struggle is real!

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