Guys, moving to a new country is not a walk in the park.

Reke gwire, this is the most challenging thing I have done all my life.

Lessons from Kenyans in Sweden

So the other day things just got out of hand. I felt empty, different and gave up. I would never fit in here and standing out was not exactly working for me. So I decided to book a flight and go home. How did I arrive at this decision?

I met bad people. Very bad people. Sadly I have been meeting these type of people more than I meet good people. Someone even asked me recently, why do you always attract bad people?

Truth, I don’t know. So these bad people did bad things to me. What are the bad things? You ask again.

Types of Kenyans you will meet abroad

Guys, that’s the problem. People have perfected hurting others passive aggressively to a point if I tried to explain what someone did to me I would sound petty. And this is very hard for me to explain. Therefore I keep quiet and die inside.

So on this particular day I got so pissed off, got home and booked my flight. And that’s when I knew that I will never walk alone. See, I recently met people that I really like , but I would rather protect their privacy. These people got wind of the news that I was leaving Sweden. Somehow they convinced me to stay. Not only that but have since been checking on me on a daily basis. I’m very delicate right now so a little attention is something I highly appreciate.

Gothenburg, a city without secrets!

This post is dedicated to fellow immigrants. I want you to know that it’s fine to break down. It’s fine to feel sad and lonely. It’s fine to feel different. But whatever you do please don’t forget to appreciate the people who stand up for you. People who work hard to change your perception of your host country. Remember to appreciate every good human you meet along the way!