Guys, I’m homesick.

And this has gotten me petty in so many levels that I don’t even understand myself. Yaani, I’m so sensitive it hurts.

For instance the other day on my way from Greece, I cried like an idiot in the plane.

So what happened?

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My boyfriend and I spent a whole week in Greece. While there we met good people. People with real smiles. Human. This was the first time in a long time that I met someone from another country that was interested in where I come from. People actually remembered the next day that I came from Kenya. And even though they didn’t bother to get to know my name at least for once I was more popular than my boyfriend.

One of the reasons I cried so much is actually because I met an Albanian lady who reminded me so much of my friends in Kenya. Zeta, alongside her sister have this heavenly place called Vefi’s .

We discovered it I think on our second day in Greece after a failed attempt to eat local food in our host hotel. It was terrible by the way. Or maybe we are just picky eaters.

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So anyway we went to Vefi’s everyday, sat at the same table and got different deserts and goodies for free after every meal. We fell in love with Greece. We fell in love with Crete Island. And most importantly made a new friend. Zeta, just like me, is very goofy and so you can imagine how happy I felt around her. Finally someone who laughs. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone laugh so heartily. From their heart. Perhaps that’s the reason behind her tasty food, cocktails and award winning orange juice?

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So anyway, when I got into the plane back to Sweden, I saw the Swedes faces. Serious, emotionless. Even the air hostesses sounded like robots while welcoming us into the plane. I actually didn’t respond or smile back to their: “I’m here to earn my money” smiles. And they noticed. So they had to repeat it. And because I was not brought up by wolves I responded. But I could not wait to reach my sitting position. So I could cover myself with my maasai shuka and cry. Cry because no one was smiling in the plane. Cry because I was going back to a country full of more angry people. So I spend 30 minutes emptying my tear bags while my boyfriend promised me heaven on earth. How he would make everyone smile just for me. I mean, that sound lame but you gotta give it up to the man. Coz I calmed down and slept.

Thanks for reminding me how to laugh hard Zeta!

Love Cate