Guys, you already know am crazy but I try to tone it down here in Sweden.

That, my friends is not really working because as I continue to find new friends am quickly shedding off that pretense skin.

Apology letter to Swedish mosquitoes

For instance, last Friday I went out for drinks with a new friend I just made at inter-nations. She grew up in Tanzania, and I really like her vibe as she is very easy to be around. Infact that night got so crazy that she actually attempted to pay our bills using her gabbage card. The refused to get off the tram because it was raining and I had to drug her out. Anyway, back to my half/naked boyfriend….

So we had drinks actually more than anticipated. So eventually I had to go home and thankfully my boyfriend had offered to pick me up. Of course he came but chose to sit in the car. And that’s when the real Cate Mukei Came to life. I told the whole night club that my boyfriend was outside and was not willing to come in. But why? Everyone around me wondered. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, I fed their curiosity. My friend rushed outside to confirm this and somehow convinced le boyfie to come in. You can imagine, how he felt. Walking in, and having to introduce himself to people who already knew that he was commando.

That Somali perfume joke….

So let’s look back at how that happened.

See when I made the phone call to my boyfriend this is how it went:

Boyfriend: Hi Babe can you come to the car!

Me:Hi.just come in.

Boyfriend: But I have no underwear…..

Me: You have no underwear?

Whole Night Club: He has no underwear……