I was stuck at the urinals

Guys, it’s that time of the year once again where I change my identity and move to a new country. Last time, I threatened to move to Estonia.

This time I want to move to Siberia but I find it important to explain what happened:

I ended up in the men’s toilets. Discovered only when I was inside doing my business that there was urinal outside. So I stayed inside and figure maybe I should dig a hole and get out on the other side. But then I decided to wait but the queue grew on and eventually had to get out. On my way out I was met by a queue of men. They seemed so uncomfortable.

I just blurted out: ‘Was I in the wrong queue!’ Bloody awkward! Moved to a second venue. Went to the washrooms again. Forgot to lock. Old man burst in. Again it was so awkward that I ran out of the toilet without zipping and buttoning my pants.He then followed in few minutes later and sat on the opposite table for two hours!

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