I’m getting married!

Why are you still reading? Because I said I’m getting married? Well, that might happen one day but I don’t have a set day, month or even year.

But I wan’t to talk to those of us who are far away from home and still plan to get married in their home country. It is not impossible. Not that I have experience in this but I have been talking to people who do.

So here are some of the tips you could use…

1. Decide on the type of wedding you want

Formal or informal, do think about the time of year and whether it would be a small or big wedding. Think about your budget and then choose the destination accordingly. Don’t forget to research marriage registration requirements and, if time/budget permits, go for a short visit to meet with vendors. For Kenyans, I think most of this information is available online.

2. Plan ahead – plan early

Whether the destination you pick is a popular vacation spot or not; it pays to book everything early. It is especially important to get your invitations out as soon as possible too. Remember, your guests (friends you made abroad) need to book their tickets and some might even need passports or visas. Planning earlier will also help you get better rates for blocking hotel rooms. The closer it is to the date, the more expensive rooms and flights would be.

3. Use a wedding planner

I know there a stories about wedding planners from hell but imagine you can’t do without them. A wedding without a wedding planner is like Tom without Jerry. A wedding planner can help you get in touch with vendors and can also highlight the specific laws you need to follow in the region. Many resorts are tied up with planners and can help you plan the wedding you have always dreamed of.

4. Book reputed vendors

When it comes to planning a long distance wedding, booking your caterer, florist, wedding photographer etc. might seem very difficult. We have all heard of photographers who ask for full payment but only provide the photos a year later. Or caterers who hide the food from your in-laws. Saitani! Make sure every vendor you book has reviews or testimonials from clients on their social media pages. You could also speak to your local wedding planner or the resort you are working with. Most usually have a list of vendors they regularly work with and that surely eases the process.

5. Travel two weeks to the wedding

Guys, just don’t show up a Friday before walking down the isle. Just be there a fort night earlier to stream line some things. Please!

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