Guys, I’m moving houses this weekend so I really didn’t have time to blog. However I have some information I would like to share with expats moving to work in Sweden. I got this information from different websites and mostly I hope this will be helpful.

1. Find a home

Get started on finding a home as soon as possible, especially if you’ll be living in a big city like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. The housing market can be quite competitive, making it relatively difficult to find housing.

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2. Arrange daycare or school

If you have children, investigate the different options available and get in touch with your local city council to begin the enrolment procedure.

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3. Learn some Swedish

A basic understanding of Swedish will make it easier for you to find your place in Swedish society. Once you have a Swedish personal identity number, you can sign up for free Swedish courses arranged by the government programme Swedish for immigrants (SFI).

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*The Public Employment Agency offers a reimbursement of the fee if you have been offered a position in Sweden.

4. Register with Unionen.

Over the past century the union movement has been integral in creating Sweden’s generous work conditions and by extension the famed welfare state. Some foreigners may choose not to join because they feel they’ve successfully negotiated their own pay and conditions. But unions would argue that you may be underpaid compared to your colleagues. There may even be other entitlements that you’re not even aware of yet.

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5. Bringing your things

Check with Swedish Customs if you’re unsure of the rules regarding bringing a specific item with you – particularly food, medicine, tobacco, alcohol, vehicles and anything very expensive.

6. Check driving licence regulations

If you’re planning to drive in Sweden, check up on whether you can use your current licence or if you’ll need a new one. Familiarise yourself with Swedish road rules, signs and parking regulations.

7. Apply for a visa to enter Sweden (non-EU citizens only)

Citizens of certain non-EU countries who have a work permit will also need a visa to enter Sweden. If your country is on the list, contact your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate to learn more and apply. You will also receive your residence permit card (automatically granted if you have a work permit) there.


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8. Prepare your documentation

Make sure to bring all official documentation for you and your family with you when travelling to Sweden, including identity documents, any residence permit cards and any official documents from the Swedish Migration Agency.

9. In Sweden: Register for a residence permit card (non-EU citizens without visa only)

Citizens of non-EU countries who have a work permit and do not require a visa to enter Sweden will register for a residence permit card at the Migration Agency after entering Sweden. Visit the Swedish Migration Agency for details.

10. Register with the Swedish authorities

Your ticket to most aspects of life in Sweden is the personal identity number you’ll receive from the Swedish Tax Agency after arriving and registering. Also register with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to have access to various benefits.