Over the past few days I have been coming across stories of men or women from Kenya killed in domestic rows abroad.

I always shiver and wonder, didn’t they see these signs before? Did the man or woman just wake up and kill her? Then it hit me that our culture does not really educate us in regards to the broadness of domestic violence.

Domestic violence encompasses a broad set of abusive behaviors, all of which are perpetrated by a person against his or her intimate partner. These abusive behaviors may be physical or sexual assault, but may also include psychological, emotional, social, and economic abuse, all behaviors that are part of a pattern of abuse that are designed to control and have power over a partner. This power and control is a consistent element of domestic violence, regardless of how frequently it occurs or what type of abuse takes place. Types of domestic abuse and violence:

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  • Physical abuse or assault is any kind of violence that causes pain, fear, intimidation, and physical harm. It may result in bruising, broken bones, and other injuries, or even death.
  • Sexual violence is any type of non-consenting sexual behavior, including rape. Sexual coercion of any type, even between intimate partners, is sexual assault.
  • Psychological abuse is any behavior that is intended to scare or intimidate a partner, such as making threats of violence, threatening to harm a partner’s children, or damaging or harming property or pets.
  • Emotional abuse occurs when a partner uses words to undermine a partner’s self-esteem or sense of self-worth or confidence. It may include regular criticism, name-calling, or other instances of trying to make a partner feel intimidated, guilty, worthless, ashamed, or scared.

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  • Economic abuse is a strategy an abusive partner may use to control through money. It usually involves forcing the other partner to be financially dependent on the abuser by controlling the money in the household, withholding money, or forbidding a partner from working and earning money.

Now that you know all this I need to inform you that there is no other cure to domestic violence apart from reporting it. There are various platforms to report this. From  women rights groups to police stations. Do not be afraid. No one will victimise you!