I know why you are here? You are hoping to read about a scandal based on my headline. You think that the Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua did something scandalous. Ninawajua sana!

Actually, this blog post is about the day I left Kenya for Sweden for the first time. Thursday evening on April 6, 2017, was the date. When you are moving to a new country, for some reason, one always imagines that they need to move with half of their items of clothing. Especially women.

So on this particular evening, my overparked bags met Governor Mutua. We were both walking from the waiting hall to board an Emirates to Dubai which was his final destination and my layover. ‘Na umebebana ‘ I heard someone say from behind as they grabbed by small suitcase which was slowly slipping off my fingers. So I quickly looked and to my shock, it was the good governor. He walked with my suitcase into the plane up to the entrance and we parted ways. Him, to the business class area while I joined the rest of the commoners in economy.

I know Kenyans might speculate that this is a paid post but I have been thinking about it so much. That behind the dirty politics, these people are actually human. At that moment, he dropped his status and pulled my sh 2000 bob worth suitcase. I dealt with a human being, not a politician!