Every once in a while I bump into people complaining that so and so does not like their Facebook posts yet I liked theirs. Religiously.  Or my beloved friends on my timeline threatening to unfriend some of us who have not been sharing the love on their updates.

And I totally get it because I have been in a relationship with Sean Paul for a while now but he never responds to my messages!

Such complaints send me into a ‘post liking spree’. I end up liking their posts from 1934. Then I end up in the other category. The stalkers category.

I really didn’t get it until I made the big move to Vikings land. Facebook has become one of my favorite places to run to when I’m down, bored and needy. Facebook is my living room, my cinema hall and business office.

I am slowly learning clicking on that status update actually means a lot and will be appreciated in one way or another.

Here are some possible examples as to why it’s important to show love on Facebook.

Gothenburg, a city without secrets!

Make someone’s day. It feels good to know that people out there are actually reading your updates and admiring your photos. A Facebook like is as good as a dark skin girl asking her team light skin dude if he thinks she is upto his league. And he says he will marry her. Whether he lied or not does not matter. What matters is what comes out of his mouth!

Meet  a spouse. Don’t just sit there and ask who will marry you. Your future spouse is actually waiting for you to ‘love heart’ his/her status update so that they can slide into the DM and spend the rest of your lives blushing every time ‘how I met your mother’ question comes up. Be proactive. Bloody Mugwanugu!

 Laugh a little. Liking and possibly commending on someone’s update means you will receive notifications from everyone who posts after you. Engaging people online does not always lead to a wedding but occasionally a good laugh. Which is very important for your high blood pressure!

Loosen up. Don’t just wait for people to start liking your updates show the initiative and they will like you back. Or not. It can be risky sometimes. You may end up looking like a stalker. Normally I spree like my targets and if they don’t like me back I go to their houses and find out where I went wrong. (Ok I just made that up but you know what I mean).

Build Networks. Forget everything I said above. This is the most important. I recently heard someone say that they contributed towards someone’s hospital bill because that person always engaged them on Facebook. People have even been employed because of commenting on others updates.  It’s a simple case of nikune nikukune (scratch me I scratch you). Ama namna gani my friends?