Valentine’s Day is a special, memorable and meaningful day for couples. But when you’re in a long distance relationshipValentine’s Day can seem a bit more challenging and complicated. After all, while you’d love to be able to spend time with your partner in person and have a romantic day together, this isn’t a real possibility when your partner is far away from you. Luckily, there are five different Valentine’s Day celebration ideas that are perfect for those in long distance relationships and can help to bring you and your partner closer in new and important ways.

1. Send M-pesa

While you may not be able to be physically next to your partner on Valentine’s Day, mailing him or her something for the holiday is a special way to celebrate your connection with one another. But rather than candy hearts, a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, why not send something a bit more personal that only your partner would truly appreciate? Money! They can do whatever they want with it and thank you for it in a special way the next time you meet.

2. Send a Picture-Perfect Gift

And speaking of memorable gifts, another way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well as show your affection for your partner is to take personalization to the next level by including a picture (or pictures) of the two of you in your gift.For instance, whether it’s a framed photo, a photo album or other personalized photo gift such as a pillow, journal or tote bag, sending this one-of-a-kind gift for Valentine’s Day is a terrific way to honor and cherish the time that you get to spend with one another as well as create excitement and intrigue for the next time that you’re with each other in person.

3. Be Together Digitally

For those in long distance relationships, technology has never been so essential. After all, being able to call, text, and chat with your partner throughout the day are important ways of communicating that help you stay close even when you’re far apart. So rather than spending Valentine’s Day all alone and having dinner by yourself, why not enjoy a romantic meal with your partner over video chat or Skype? After all, with the help of today’s technology, you can be face-to-face, look into each other’s eyes, and have a Valentine’s Day that’s only possible in this day and age.

4. Choose Your Own Day for Valentine’s Day

When you’re in a long distance relationship, another great way to enjoy the holiday is to pick your own day to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. In other words, while February 14th is when most people observe the holiday, why not select a new date that works with both of your schedules and falls during a time when you’re both together? In fact, making your own Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate your unique relationship and keep your connection fresh and interesting. With this in mind, when you change Valentine’s Day to Cal-entine’s Day — aka a day that fits with your calendars — you can keep the romance and excitement in your relationship flowing all year long.

5. Surprise Your Partner

While it’s not always possible, surprising your partner by visiting him or her, or planning a trip for him or her to come and see you on Valentine’s Day is always a winner. But if this isn’t an option, as is the case in many long distance relationships, surprising him or her with a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day when you’re actually together is a great option. In fact, when your partner isn’t expecting any sort of Valentine’s Day activities or festivities when you’re hanging out in person, this is actually the perfect time to surprise him or her with a very special Valentine’s Day just for the two of you. Plus, because of today’s many online stores and retailers, you have access to romantic-themed decorations, gifts, and knickknacks all year long. In other words, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, a little creativity and advanced planning can make a surprisingly big impact.