Many Africans living abroad lack the right information about their countries’ situations.

I recently came across an article on Kenya’s Business that some, have not tasted the fruits of their labour due to funds diversion and embezzlement by relatives and unscrupulous businessmen who purport to invest on their behalf.

Other challenges faced include lack of opportunity and information to put money in trusted investments back home, high cost of finance, lack of products with attractive returns, lack of credible partners to represent their interests, and the inability to safely and conveniently transact and close a deal through a trusted representative.

Yet, failing to invest when property prices are affordable and available is the biggest mistake anyone in the diaspora can make.

They need to think about their future in a more proactive way where their investments will earn them income monthly.

How to make friends abroad

In conclusion, this article encourages those in the diaspora need to engage service providers that will walk with them in identifying, evaluating and investing in real estate opportunities that respond to their investment needs. In today’s challenging real estate market, it is very important to work with a provider you can trust.