Living in Sweden so far has been a bitter sweet experience. Sweet because I finally got a new challenge which has been a healing process after going through some terrible years in Kenya.

On the other hand each day spent here I feel like I am losing a little bit of my personality.

I don’t hug people anymore

Back home, hugging is almost the standard form of greeting. Here, people tend to hold back and get shocked when you do. Can you believe I hugged someone and they just stood there shocked not knowing what to do in return. They stared at me, motionless probably wondering if I was planning to suffocate them, put their unconscious bodies in my handbag and take them back to my house for ritualistic purposes.

Why the Vikings don’t clean their shoes

Laughing on cue

I love laughing but I also get really uncomfortable when I’m the only one getting the joke (or so I imagine). It’s almost as if I’m stupid. Such moments make me feel like some strange species that has just landed from Utopia.

I’m not politically correct

The other day I made fun of fellow Africans. It had to do with our accents. I received a long Facebook message from someone I hardly talk to informing me that they could not continue being my friend because I did not care for humanity. They wanted me to behave now that I’m in Europe. Then they blocked me. This shook me abit. What does it mean to be politically correct? I make fun of myself and where I come from. Are my stupid posts on Facebook a reason to start a third world war? Why is everyone so uptight? Calm down!