My swedish social status update….

Guys, this was not the intended blog post for today.

The reason you have to read this boring piece is because my friend A, who I tasked with providing content for this week, spent her weekend playing tennis.

Swedish Mosquitoes tried to murder me

A, if you are reading this please know that the people of Wakanda are very sad and their lives are now totally ruined.

OK, now that that’s out of the way let us deal with the issue at hand. Being my social life. You will be shocked how much I have progressed since the last time I addressed the nation regarding my social life here in Sweden.

I have progressed. Let me tell you how….

1. I’m friends with the neighbours dog.

A week ago, I spotted a dog outside my bedroom window. He was lonely, sniffing my other consistent friend, the neighbourhood squirrels poop. I got curious and tapped on the window to attract the dog’s attention. We locked eyes and he came running towards me. Wagging his tail and me wagging my tongue to reciprocate the love. I thought that was a good sign and in my own wisdom, opened the window. Doggie barked, we both got scared, ran towards opposite directions. He must have discovered that I am not his human and was avoiding being kidnapped!

5 strange things in every swedish household

2. The neighbours child.

OMG! Jesus! This one is actually a very unique relationship. That child always pops up from strange places. One time he even waved and questioned me from the bathroom window. I kid you not!

3.The neighbour thought I reported him for playing loud music

I know! I know! But I was actually honoured when my Swedish neighbour knocked on my door on a Friday to ask if I had reported him for playing loud music. Dude! My music is too loud I can hardly hear his. So anyway, I thanked him for informing me coz I would henceforth watch my volume.

So, what do you think guys? Envy my social life?

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