Guys, I know I’m always complaining about my miserable life abroad but today I want to share with you something positive. Wendy Kimani’s story.

Dear bwana ya mzungu……

Before I assume that you all know her , here is a recap of who she is. Wendy is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer. She came into prominence after being the first runners-up in the second season of Tusker Project Fame. As a singer she is known for her songs; “Haiwi Haiwi”, “Chali” and Unajua alongside Gillard. She released her debut album dubbed as My Essence launched in August 2013. As an actress she is known for starring in the television series, Rush. She also has a youtube chanel by the way.

So anyway, she got married to a Dutch man in a very colorful wedding in Kenya a few years ago. Her life is not perfect but atleast she is inspiration and encouraging that it’s not always a sad state of affairs abroad. So this is what she had to say….

How long did it take you before you decided to move to Netherlands?

It took about a year and a half maybe two just prepping and following the procedures of relocating.

Was it an easy decision?

It wasn’t a difficult decision really. I knew as a musician I could sing anywhere and I was really excited to finally be with my man. The parts that made me sad was that I  wasn’t going to see and be with my family and friends, wasn’t going to be able to share my new life with them in real time. And also I would miss out on their new lives and wont be part of those adventures.

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As an artiste, how has the move helped your career? And what are the short comings?

When I moved I had no referrals to musicians in Holland so in a way it felt like starting from scratch again. But some how the more I sing the more I  meet more people. I feel like it’s a new start only I’m wiser.

What do you miss most about home?

My family and friends and the weather.

How would you compare Dutch people to Kenyans? 

I have had really nice experiences with dutch people my family in law is so amazing and accepting. I love them loads. I have dutch friends who have been there for me when I had tough times and I hope that I never get to experience being treated differently because of my race. Of course, I’ve had disagreements here and there but it had nothing to do with race.