Guys, this blog is meant for me to vent out my frustrations, share my opinion and advise people based on my experiences abroad.

Every once in a while, my articles rub people the wrong way. At first I was worried that I might make enemies but then I realised I can’t really please everyone. So I changed how I view feedback. Like last week, I wrote this article about an angry black woman .

I shared the link in a  whatsapp group for African women living abroad and for the first time got feedback from this group. They were not impressed and below is some feedback from one of them, who clearly spoke for the rest of the group.

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Hello Cate,

I always enjoy your writings in your blogs and even share them. Thanks for them and they are very insightful. but I don’t agree on this one. The label “angry black woman” has racist origins from the American society. It has been used to silence and categorize black women from the days of slavery.

In reality, Anger has absolutely nothing to do with race. It is a personality trait. There are white women who are worse in their expression of anger. There are angry mad white or brown women too.

There is nothing special or degrading about the anger of a black woman. And some of your advice are quite suggestive and reminds me of sexist ways in which men generally try to silence women and hinder them from expressing their sincere emotions. I cannot be extra-cautious of expressing my anger just because I’m black.

Gothenburg, a city without secrets!

Why should there be different codes of conduct because of my skin color. If the white society perceive me as intimidating because of my skin color even before I open my mouth, then the onus is the white society to examine their racist attitude.

Also, there is nothing to be ashamed in expressing anger. If people decide to label me, that is their problem. Actually there is a lot to be angry at in the world, the injustice, the racism. Of course anger must be channeled into positive energy for it to result in positive change. But there must be a higher reason for channeling my anger, not just because I am a black woman. Please let not propagate or justify racist and anti-feminist labels.

Also angry has nothing to do with gender too. Men are even more guilty of expressing unholy anger than women.

So what do you think? Have you read my initial article? Do you agree with this feedback? Please share your thoughts on the comment section.