Open letter to Bibi Ya Mzungu………

Dear BYM,

How are you?

This post will not bash you like most posts done before but rather educate you.

In this blog I share some of my personal struggles and occasionally, like today I like to educate Kenyan girls based on experience and what I have observed from others out here.

So I compiled a few tips that I thought were important for you to know before you follow that man to his country……

Revealing the man behind my camera…..

1.Get your education

Girls, please educate yourself. Please get you degree and atleast some job experience before you get on that plane. That will be an added advantage when you move with him. That means you have a job and don’t have to rely on him for everything. So that means you can get a good job that you are proud of and he can’t tell you nothing. Education is everything because society will always judge you based on what is between you ears. So go get it!

2.Learn his language

Please don’t board a plane without the basics of his language. You must atleast learn how to introduce yourself and call the police in case that man turns crazy on you. These men can flip on you. Remember a man is very different in a foreign country and you only get to see his true colors when you move to his comfort zone. So if you are moving to a non-English speaking country please be very careful.

New Job, New country survival tips!

3.Have your own money

Start saving even more as soon as you start dating a man from another country. Because at some point you might have to make that sacrifice and make the big move to his country. And you don’t always get a job immediately. So having your own money to sustain yourself atleast for the first one year is very important. Some men are very hostile when they realise you are helpless. Tumadharau tudogo tudogo. And you can always afford a flight back home if things don’t work out.

4.Visit his country before

Please make a pre-visit to his country. Get to meet his family before you deal with in-laws from hell. Spend three months there and decide if that’s a place you could call home in future.

5.Due diligence

Finally make sure you do your due diligence before you move in with a terrorist, tax-evader or human organ collector. Find out if he has a life or lives alone with his 85 cats. It’s important my friends!

Yeap, Sweden made me shy!

Was that helpful?

Sound off in the comments!

With love,

Cate Mukei

15 thoughts on “Open letter to Bibi Ya Mzungu………

  1. My pal dated one who wanted to control her every move. She called the cops on him and got a restraining order. The man was so full of himself that he told her she shouldn’t have left him coz he’s so wealthy he could have been like the UN to her family. Boy bye

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