Mistakes we make as immigrants

Moving to a new country means that you sacrifice your status as a respectable member of the society and start over as a random human being elsewhere. You are a nobody, at least that's how I felt. I think it was even worse for me as a former journalist at the peak of her career. No one … Continue reading

I want the world to know…..

Guys, I'm struggling here. Not financially, although I could do better in that department as well, but with my social skills. Most people assume that my social skills are 10/10 mostly because I'm a goofy person and additionally I was also a journalist. But guys, am pathetic with … Continue reading

Human contact for what?

A global quality of life survey earlier this year found that although Sweden was the top country in Europe for expats – it failed to make them socially acceptable. In Sweden, you can live without human contact and survive. Just as long as you have the right instruments. Recently while … Continue reading