What I love about Sweden!

So in my last blog, I told you why I miss Kenya so much. And if you read on, you will also notice that I have been quite negative about my host country for the last two years. Is it as bad as I describe it? Do you wonder? No, it's actually a beautiful place to live, with the right attitude. So … Continue reading

What I miss about Kenya!

If you have been following this blog you obviously know that I have struggled a lot settling in Sweden. I have heard that the first three years in a new country are the most difficult and if this is true then I guess I have one more to go. Another year of me ranting and you reading and commenting … Continue reading

Shut Up…You are oversharing!

Guys, I made a mistake when I moved to Sweden. I shared my life history with every Tom Dick and Harry that asked about me. Obviously, that included my achievements and shortcomings. My brain was still tuned to Kenyan settings. It was not until someone told me that word was going around that I … Continue reading

Kuparara: Melanin winter care

Guys, aki my skin has suffered in the last two years I have lived here. When my left arm does not look like a mathematics exercise book, dead-skin on my ears is falling off like dandruff. But I'm learning how to take good care of my skin I read a lot and from the research, I have gathered, I … Continue reading