You should never ask this to a Diasporian…

Aki people are mannerless. And I learnt this when I was home last year.

This made me realise that some people actually looked foward to Lovemy failure abroad. Let me get straight to the point on what these characters I had once cheered for a wished well said to me.

1. How do you live there?

This caught me off guard. Not unless you were brought up by wolves, I don’t see how this is necessary. What do you care about this? What exactly does this question even mean? Do you want to know if I have sex thrice a week or what? Jinga!

Swedes are sad, I imported flu!

2. Do you have a job?

I did have a job but imagine being asked that and you are jobless. It’s humiliating. Even if you live in Kenya. Let’s not undress each other unnecessarily!

My neighbour’s cat is using me

3. Love life

Yaani, some even started texting me before I went back home. Kuuliza kama bado niko na ‘yule jamaa’. Looking for juice. Then I got there someone asked if me and my guy have our own house or live with other people. The guts!

4. How much do you earn?

What do you want to do with my salary? Send me more money? I can entertain such questions from villagers but not educated people who have traveled as well *rolling eyes*

5. Do you have a good life?

Think about this carefully. Very carefully. How would you respond? If it doesn’t bother you then go ahead and ask another person!

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