Rude! Assumptions I face as an African immigrant

Guys, I normally don’t complain a lot about the prejudices but sometimes I just feel like people push it. By people, I mean total strangers who hardly know anything about me but already have a formed opinion about me. Mostly because of your home country background,accent and skin colour.

So what drives me nuts?

  1. That I’m illegally in Sweden. I actually enjoy this one a lot. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I tell people that I traveled through Libya as a slave and swam to Italy then walked all the way to Sweden.
  2. That there was war in my country. The number of times I have been hugged and told that things will be fine. Still, I play along. It’s pure comedy. No one pays me to educate condescending bastards so I let it be!
  3. That I work at a factory. Of course, I cannot be smart enough to work elsewhere. It has to be a factory or toilet.
  4. My family is rich. Just because I speak English. People are totally nuts out here. You have to be rich in Africa for you to speak proper English. You simply can’t make this shit up!
  5. That we don’t have roads in Africa. This is personal. I will stab someone!
  6. Can your family afford flight tickets. Yes, this is a question that pops up every once in a while.
  7. That I have a ‘story’. Everyone has a story but I don’t have anything dramatic to offer. I did not grow up in the bush eating maize and wild fruits. I’m sorry!
  8. That I can run. Yes, I grew up in Kenya. Next!
  9. That my parents are against interracial relationships. Ask me one more time, nincompoop!
  10. That I have many siblings and my dad is a polygamist. I have one sister. I cannot speak for my dad but as far as I know, he has one wife. My mum. I was brought up by humans, not rats and rabbits!

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