Aaaargh! guys I’m irked.

The other day I was at a second hand shop when this woman stood behind me and clicked her tongue.

I didn’t realise this was because I stood in front of her and she wanted to proceed forward to the next isle. First of all, I wasn’t doing this intentionally. Why couldn’t she just excuse herself? Has she been to a school before? Was she brought up with wolves? Is she related to elks?

You will clean toilets if you don’t know people in Sweden

I was so pissed to a point I abandoned my shopping plans and left the store all  together.

But I thought about it. Actually in the last two years that I have not heard anyone excuse themselves. Instead the most commonly used phrase is ‘oi!’.

I find this quite uncivilised but what can I do? I’m in Rome and I have to do what the Romans do. Or not!

I will continue excusing myself but I guess I ought to be patient when I come across this un polite people hehehehe