Guys, I made a mistake when I moved to Sweden.

I shared my life history with every Tom Dick and Harry that asked about me. Obviously, that included my achievements and shortcomings. My brain was still tuned to Kenyan settings. It was not until someone told me that word was going around that I thought I was a better human and that I lived a careless lifestyle that I totally zipped my beak.

Guys, I’m now at a point that I don’t talk about my life not unless am at a job interview. What do I normally talk about? Weather and the sole of my shoes. So I compiled a list of things you should not talk about in front of most Swedes…..


As I previously mentioned, if it’s not a job interview please keep it to yourself. And it’s nothing personal, that’s their culture. You are not allowed to stand out. I have learned how to respect that.

Love life

Guys, I have heard horror stories being hawked around about other people and their spouses. Especially when it comes to foreigners. People can talk. So, you are struggling to settle in and then there is gossip about your bedroom skills. Sucks balls!


Don’t even go there!

Your hobbies

Like I said, not unless it’s a professional platform you are trying to impress just shut up. I can tell you first hand as I made this mistake. The sarcasm and snide comments I have faced every now and then!

Politics and Religion

Goodness Gracious Me! What are you doing? Shut up.

So what can you talk about? The weather, your husbands career, your annoying neighbor and what you will cook for dinner!