I’m I with stupid?

Guys, my tolerance for bullshit this year went from 150% to -4%.

Moving to a new country meant meeting new people from different cultures and I was ready. But I was so used to a certain circle in my country and making new friends has not been easy.

It’s alot of work and especially when you don’t want to be friends with stupid.

It’s like everytime I’m about to get close to someone, they come up with a question like: “Where did you learn English?”

To avoid high blood pressure and killing too many humans I respond: “From tourists who visited our monkey farm!”

Another one asked me: “You speak, read and write very good English, are you from a rich family?”

They are not native English speakers so I responded with the same question. They were so embarrassed and have since been avoiding me.

Guys, I like people I can have a conversation with beyond why their ponytails are thinning. I want to talk current affairs, global warming, Kardashians and the size of Trump’s toe nails. But getting someone who fits this description sometimes is really tough.

Which reminds me, Africa should probably ban UNHCR. Maybe we should just stop war, share more and plan for natural disasters. Let’s do anything to stop being dependant on these condenscending bastards.

Why I’m so bitter?

See, the other day some fool fundraising for UN approached me and asked me to contribute for my brothers suffering in Africa!


Guys, I flipped and had to be calmed by his colleagues.

I demanded to know where this condescending bastard came from and his home country ( not from Africa or Europe) is actually in a crisis. So I asked him how it would feel if I approached him and asked him to talk to his terrorist brothers.

I got a half-hearted apology after I threatened to talk their bosses as I had taken pictures.

I don’t want to be petty and respond to every uneducated fool but if people decide to push my buttons….. Badamu batamwagika!

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