Guys, it happened!

The white thing that falls from heaven finally did and I was there to witness it. And it wasn’t the biblical manna from heaven. No guys, my shady self finally experienced snow!

It was a very beautiful Sunday when I decided to go to the gym but before then I engaged in some guilty pleasures and when I looked outside the window, it was all white. I thought to myself if Swedish people can walk on it then I will survive it.

First the snowflakes fell on my eyelashes and blinded me. Then I walked into a pond of water and the water got through my boots. My legs froze while my cheekbones could only be compared to a stuffed cat’s facial expression.

Swedes are sad, I imported flu!

Guys, I cried. Yes, I walked into the gym, locked myself inside a toilet and cried.

Let’s not even talk about my journey home. And that my friends is how I left Sweden. Am now in London and who knows where I will end up next. I have three weeks to spare before going back to work and I hope when I do, that white stuff will have melted away!