So this summer, unlike most people in Sweden I will not be going anywhere. Kinda sucks but I will not spill tears over it. I have plans to have fun here and make the best of the few months of sunshine. I will not tell you exactly what I will be doing because I’m a very spontaneous person. I might make plans to stay indoors and an hour later find myself in Stockholm.

But you can try the ideas below if you are in a similar situation as I am.


Even though you’re not headed out of town, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a bougie vacay — or rather, staycay. You can still enjoy the amenities of a nice hotel or take pics in a cute Airbnb, without having to leave your hometown. A staycation can be surprisingly relaxing and will still get you all of that summer #content you need for your feed.


Shop, shop, and shop till you drop dead. And if you don’t die and anyone judges you, buy the clothes they are wearing too. A summer wardrobe update never hurt anyone, and a trip to your favorite boutiques is always a good idea. Grab your bestie and treat yourselves. After all, you need cute summer outfits to take Instagram pics in, don’t you?


Get a massage, facial, mani-pedi, or all three, and give yourself a chance to unwind. And since you’ll likely be saving up cash since you won’t be traveling, book your treatment at a fancy spot so you can enjoy all the amenities, too.

Attend events

Churches and schools often host carnivals and fairs in the summer, and what’s more fun than playing carnival games and riding a Ferris wheel? Find out if there are any fairs in your town and grab a few friends to make a day of it. You’ll get fun pics and will enjoy some of the best summertime eats: cotton candy, funnel cakes, and corn dogs.

Pool parties

Nothing screams summer more than a pool filled with giant floats. If you or one of your friends has a picturesque pool you can enjoy, buy a bunch of floats and host a fun party with your whole squad. You’ll be sure to get a ton of pics out of it, and you might even catch a tan while you’re out there, too.