Guys, I recently discovered that Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia have rules that all humans residing here ought to live by. These rules generally state that you should not be ambitious, should not stand out or show any slight traces of confidence.

I’m still trying to figure out how to survive around these rules that are in conflict with what I grew up believing in. Anyway, I have also noticed that these rules tend to kill the joy in the people who live here to a point that they lost their sense of humor. I really don’t mind if they do but if this infringes on my right to laughter then that’s my business.

I’m well aware of my skin colour but that is not a disability. Should there be a point that someone says something offensive I would call out there bullox immediately? Just so I’m clear here are some examples and why I find it offensive:

I don’t take myself too seriously.

Listen, life is already too hard for me to take myself too seriously. Every once in a while I will make fun of myself, Mugabe, Ebola and corruption. If that makes you uncomfortable then you are probably projecting what you already thought of me. I’m making fun of the misconceptions the world has about Africa. Not your continent of origin.

Leave my circle alone!

Some of my acquaintances, just like me have a very twisted sense of humour. I have no limits with my jokes with them and neither do they. But then we also have unpaid watchdogs blurting out to them what to or not say to me. As if am a child who cannot defend myself. Get a life and stop swallowing pain killers on my behalf.

Stop projecting your evil thoughts.

Some of these knee-jerk reactions are as a result of guilt. Are we discussing things that you have been secretly discussing in the comfort of your house in bad faith? Do you suspect that someone recorded you? See paranoia. Some of the most outspoken people, I have come to learn ask from a point of curiosity.

It makes me uncomfortable.

Imagining me sitting there and a bunch of white guys deciding what is offensive or not? Does my opinion matter?

Ruining my relationships

I noticed that sometimes this politically correct police tend to drive people I have fostered proper relationships with away. Then I have to work hard to reassure them that it’s ok and I don’t think of them as racist. Too much work you guys!