Mosquito bites on my back

Guys, my life is in danger.

No, really, I’m very serious. I was attacked by mosquitoes while I slept and now I have pain all over my body due to swollen lymph nodes  fever, scratching  and a swollen lump on the back of my ear.

At some point I was so irritated and confused I thought I would die. I  suspect that the mosquito that bit me was rebellious a child. The type of mosquito that skipped school to play with other kidsquitos. At some point it stole neighbours apples in mosquitoville. It probably catcalled it’s  neighbours teenage malequitos.

This is the type of mosquito that grows up and spends most of its days at the jobless corner waiting for politicians to pay it to ‘rusa mawe’. Saitan!

Gothenburg, a city without secrets!

So picture how my day at work went on. In  a Swedish corporate office trying to remain sane and not scratch myself ngwararang ngwararang. I can’t afford to let my colleagues think that I imported leprosy.

Guys, I suffered. Then I also developed some sudden pain on my ankle  and couldn’t walk. what did this mosquito do to me? Wrestle? What did I ever do to it? I know I had killed one of its relatives a night before but surely, it could have waited to fight me while I was awake…..coward!

So yeah guys, that’s where my life is at the moment. Nursing mosquito bites from hell. If I don’t post  new blog post please feel free to type R.I.P. Imagine what my tombstone would read; HEREIN LAYETH THE AFRICAN WHO WAS MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD BY A MOSQUITO WHILE SHE SLEPT! And then Nigerians would make pictures of me and circulate them online forcing everyone to type Amen to that.

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