Terrible date night with Chauvinistic Briton

Lately, I have started learning alot from my surroundings.

Not just by watching and learning but also listening and comparing.

For instance the other day I witnessed a very sad affair while on a night out.

I took poultry to a Swedish classroom!

Two British guys and a lady. From her accent, I suspect she is from Eastern Europe.

They all seemed to be having a great night. At first it seemed like just three colleagues but as the night went down everything came into perspective.

They were boisterous, talking about life and dating. Then suddenly the woman spoke out. She wasn’t happy with the treatment she received from her partner for the last two years.

Main problem being that he demeaningly corrects her English. She spoke ok English. Enough to get a man to pay your dowry.

She complained. His friend agreed that he was demeaning but he wasn’t having it. They had an argument for almost 30 minutes. Guy went on and on how his woman should speak proper English to be understood. His friend called him an asshole, paid his bill and left them. He also told off his friend and cancelled some future plans they had together.

I expected the woman to walk away as well after such disrespect but guess what? She went home with him. What happened to self worth?

Yeap, Sweden made me shy!

I sat there thinking if this happened to an African woman, probably people would say it’s cultural influence. But this was an eye opener for me. Women in interracial and crossborder relationships go through alot. I even wondered if Melania Trump has similar moments with Trump!

nts pace

Anyway I looked at this incident as a third world girl dating an first world guy. Some guys in such relationships will sometimes imply that they are charitable in some way by dating.

I also wondered if in a way I have also made someone who doesn’t speak English. Am I a good person?

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