They won’t even look at you in the eye….

Guys,do you recall that time when President Uhuru Kenyatta was locking up journalists huko JKIA and even deporting some? And middle class experts were huko twitter calling him out? Ama that one time when the government took away NGO licences to operate? Do you recall?

It seemed extreme right? Well to some of us right? But you know what, the presidents actions back then have gotten me thinking a lot. My thoughts have now been provoked by some of the things I go through here in Sweden.

Dealing with stereotypes abroad

I think I have written before that this country is has really bad people but there is a majority who are woke. And I choose to hang out with the good majority. The good minority smiles, laughs and thinks of other  people as human beings. While the bad minority thinks of immigrants as things. The bad minority will not even look at you in the eye when they speak. Sometimes I think they think they are having a conversation with a dog.

The ironically, you will see them talking in those rotary meetings while nibbling on brown bread, tough as wood about their achievements and how much they will contributing to poor African children.


So this got me thinking. Our president, Uhuru Kenyatta, lived abroad for a while. Is there a possibility that he was treated badly. So bad to a point at times it influences his decisions. Imagine I wouldn’t blame you coz like I mentioned hawa watu wazungu wanakuanga na tumadharau.

And before you open your mouth and wonder why Kenyans still move abroad, please think twice!


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