I watch a lot of TV and Radio so as to improve my Swedish language skills. This has made me discover some hidden talents in me. That I have an ear for adverts. And I don’t discriminate. I sing along to all brands!

I recently shocked new friends when I suddenly danced to an advert whose melody I really enjoy. So finally, one gathered the courage to ask me if I understood what they were singing about. Turns out it was a condom advert. I hope they don’t think I had other things in mind when that came up. And that’s not the only ad I love. Below are more examples….

Shufa na Ndefe….

Maari Maari (Kenyan scrap metal collectors) guys would never survive in the Vikings land. Not when you can get paid to return beer and soda cans. And there is actually an advert for that. I sing to that too. It’s too catchy man. Sometimes in the bus I find myself humming it out loudly. I hope people don’t think that this is the first song I heard all my life. I swear there is music where I come from…C’mon guys!

While I was away…..


Abonnemang should not be the first Swedish word I learnt when I got here. It means subscription and I knew that thanks to an advert featuring two men having a banter about different Comviq network subscription offers for airtime and their favourite Pizza. But you must agree that it sounds like Abunuasi (clown) when you first hear/read it…right?

Eye brows can buy airtime

My favourite advert is courtesy of Telenor network. It features a Chinese guy touring Europe and ends up hanging out with very bad people so he could use their data. He even sold one of his eyebrows in exchange for data. Luckily, he met someone who sold him fake eyebrows and advised him on how to manage his data. That still cracks me up even though I have watched it over a hundred times.