I’m currently reading South African comedian, Trevor Noah’s book, Born A Crime.

Trevor, who currently hosts The Daily show on Comedy Central, has lately become my solace. He, as an African living in America, justifies my sanity.

How to deal with un-supportive family and friends when moving abroad

When dealing with subtle racism, one can easily find themselves doubting their sanity. Especially when the people you vent to are not from your race. You always feel like they are making an excuse for the offenders.

You would think because I’m in an interracial relationship things would be different. Being in one, out of your comfort zone is an uphill task. I could write a book about this and still not drive my point home. Sometimes you explain your struggles to your partner and he stares at you blankly. Because some things can only be explained through experience. Infact, I had given up on sharing my pain and struggles until one lazy Saturday afternoon while browsing through online TV shows we bumped into Trevor Noah. Trevor, most Africans abroad would agree, that he speaks for us. He packages and tackles those sensitive topics through comedy. He has eased my job in levels he wouldn’t understand.

Then,  the other day out of nowhere my partner blurted out of nowhere: “I UNDERSTAND YOUR STRUGGLE”. I know he has only scratched the surface in understanding how our racial and cultural differences make it difficult for me to survive in his country but knowing that I don’t sound crazy does it for me.  This man bought me Trevor Noah’s, BORN A CRIME. Still can’t believe it. I#m so obsessed with the book as it is the only point of reference when talking about these sensitive topics.



In his book he talks about growing up in apartheid. I even shared it with my classmates the other day. To them, it sounded like a made up tale. Funny enough most people in this side of the world have no idea of the sad South African history.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you find his book  if you are feeling some type of way while connecting with people from a  different race. Or just read my blog *tongue out* Because, who feels it knows it!