Uzee! Lessons from my 30s….

I recently turned 31!

I wasn’t really excited about it frankly but I was happy to be spending my birthday at home in Kenya which turned out to be the best thing ever.

My partner and girlfriends had organised a surprise birthday party for me which turned out to be the best thing in my life. I felt loved!

So other than knowing that people care about me, here are somethings I have picked up on my way to adulthood…

Words will never kill you!

Sometimes, it’s too much and at some point, I have been broken but I have been able to rise above it all and soldier on. 2019, especially, was a tough one. A person I considered a friend was busy gossiping behind my back and really hit a nerve when she criticised this blog. I do make a few coins from google ads on this blog but that is not the reason I started blogging. This blog started as a venting channel for all the struggles I go through in life which I later discovered was also a lesson for people who lived or wanted to live abroad. It also kept my writing fire burning. It kept me sane. But this close friend has her opinion. For a moment I let that stop me. Shame on me!

Guys, I have heard it all. From being told that I’m not good at anything, stereotyped for my background to demoralising gossip from people I thought were my friends.

Work in silence!

When I was building my house in Kenya, I may have gotten too excited and shared on my social media pages. The kind of trolling I went through, especially from some of my relatives, left me traumatised. I had it coming though so don’t sympathise with me. In the future, I will not share much if at all I share anything!

Too late to make new friends?

It’s been three years since I moved to Sweden and I still don’t have a single friend that I can reliably call if in trouble. Heck! I still travel to Kenya to celebrate my birthday! Making friends in your 30’s is difficult so try and keep the ones you had before. I’m very excited about my relationship with my friends in Kenya. We are headed places for sure!

Hangovers can kill you.

I kid you not, I almost died of a hangover during the festive season. I could not even leave my bed and had a headache for two days over three glasses of wine!

Don’t move to a new country.

I can’t say that I regret but if I could turn back time, I would never move to a new country. I feel like I did it at the wrong age. Mostly because I have had to learn a new language and culture. The older you get, the more resistant to change you become!

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