I’m I the only one who gets a comforting feeling when I know that I’m not suffering alone?

It’s almost as good as having a friend who is slightly overweight than you. She becomes a litmus test for all you discussions with your man.

“Babe, do you think this dress looks as bad on me as it would have on Miss Fatty?” you ask. then he tells you what you want to hear and you all live happily ever after.

Right now, I’m struggling to learn Swedish and it doesn’t help that I chose an intensive course.

It even gets worse because our multi lingual tutor has gone for summer holidays and was replaced by a tutor originally from Bosnia.

We are still on the introduction level and we have suffered.

Who is we? You ask?

My classmates and I.

So, the tutor was only supposed to teach us for a week and it’s not even over but it feels like a year already. Some lectures feel like we are drowning and when we are just about to die someone pulls us out to breath. Our blank faces are a combination of Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) when he makes a mistake and checks if anyone is watching and Jackie Chan when he asks: ‘Why you no make sense?”

The Arab speaking students are lucky because they have an awesome translator. We were lucky at some point because one of our classmates is from Macedonia and since they both spoke Serbian she acted as our translator. The tutor would speak Swedish and wait for the Arabic Speaker to translate. Then Speak Serbian to our class mate and wait for her to translate. Imagine the chaos.

I’m still a villager!

It’s like watching chicken feed after 3 minutes of hunger (that’s how long it takes for chicken to get hungry again right?)

Anyway, our awesome able translator has taken a summer break to visit her home country. Some of us have not done our assignments because we didn’t understand when the tutor assigned us. This confusion has really gotten into our heads that I even forgot to read, write and speak English for a moment.


But this experience has done a good thing. It has brought us closer. I have observed that people are more than willing to share knowledge with each other voluntarily.

Coming to Sweden made me more aware of my looks. I’m aware that I’m black and I have answered a few stereotypical questions that come with wearing this melanin coat. I’m not offended at all by the way.  However, being in this class made me feel normal again. Sometimes it’s like I’m in Kenya. It’s like we have created our own little world inside another country. A world where we laugh at our inability to speak Swedish, a world where we remind each other of undone assignments and a curious world to learn each other’s culture. I have met very good ambassadors of Columbia, India, Argentina, Indonesia, Poland, Macedonia, Syria, Palestine and Iran. Cheers to Summer SFI!