So in my last blog, I told you why I miss Kenya so much. And if you read on, you will also notice that I have been quite negative about my host country for the last two years. Is it as bad as I describe it? Do you wonder?

No, it’s actually a beautiful place to live, with the right attitude. So why not start with some of the positive things that have made my stay here bearable?


Every time I pack my bags and book a flight to move back to Kenya for good, I think about my fiance and decide to stay. Frankly speaking, he is the only reason I’m here. So why not work and try to make do as we work on a future plan one where to retire.


While they are not super friendly over here at least they get something from all the taxes they pay. They have a medical plan that works, reliable transport and a functional welfare system. And they queue guys. Did I mention their peaceful maandamano?


Imagine getting into a bus without a kange and being trusted to pay your bus fare bila kubargain ama kusumbua watu? Yes, in Sweden they actually trust each other that much.


Guys, sometimes you need to spend time alone to be able to find yourself, build and plan your future. So…..all the loneliness out here has not just caused me grief.


Sweden is a very beautiful country, you guys. Especially the old buildings, The rivers and the ancient fortresses that tell endless stories about the land of Vikings.

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