What I miss about Kenya!

If you have been following this blog you obviously know that I have struggled a lot settling in Sweden. I have heard that the first three years in a new country are the most difficult and if this is true then I guess I have one more to go. Another year of me ranting and you reading and commenting encouraging me and reminding me life is not easy in Kenya either.

So what to I miss the most about the motherland?


I miss my mother, my father, and my sister. My father has been realistic through out the journey telling me that I need to be patient and hold on. My sister and mother, on the other hand, are emotional wrecks and want me to hop on the next plane whenever I call them crying. Most recently, my mother got robbed and that incident was the last straw….almost. Anyway, I’m learning how to cope and I hope to see them soon.


I have known my friends for over a decade. Over a decade guys! They have seen me when I was broke and could not afford a meal at Sonford. They have seen me in jeans and sandals. Guys, jeans and sandals! Who wears jeans and sandals. These friends know me inside out. I have really struggled to have a similar circle here. It’s not happening…yet!


I miss chips mwitu, mahindi choma and roadside fruit salads. I just want to buy chips in a plastic paper after unfolding them from the newspaper cover and walk home eating them one by one….kicking a random stone absent mindedly. Damn!

Social life

Sundays suck without options to attend Koroga festival, Nairobi flea market or blankets and wine. I just need 8 hours a week to pretend in my kitenge attire, reed-basket and humongous sunglasses that for a moment, I come from old money and I went to a group of schools. What? Stop looking at me like that you judgemental ba….aller!

Freedom of Speech

Guys! This is my main issue. I have to think and rethink every time I’m having a conversation and especially with the native Swedes. They are very sensitive and you have to really watch what you say. Most of my conversations even when I make fun of myself, end up in a very awkward situation where I have to either apologize, over explain or walk out in a huff because I can’t handle it anymore.

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  1. Not to worry Cate,,,soon all shall be well and you shall blend accordingly…My word ,,,keep writing ,,,all that needs to be written ,,, youve taken me to your kamtaa ,,,and the way ,,,hmmmm

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