What white people want their black friends to know

So this blog post was supposed to have gone up last week but I did not have the feedback I needed to post it up.

As you may have noticed, most of the time, my posts tend to speak about my experiences not only as a foreigner but also as a black person living and working in a white-dominated environment.

So the other day, a white friend pointed out that while she loves my posts so much, she felt that something was missing. I tend to highlight the issues from the black person angle. ‘Cate what about highlighting what your white friends think as well?’ So I asked her to put something together. At first, she was a bit scared, despite having brought up the subject and suggested that I ask my other white friends as well. I did but most of them were either too scared to respond, busy or responded with luke-warm answers.

So anyway, this what she eventually put together. I just edited it a bit but most of it is raw…..

  1. When you want to be friends with black people around you and especially at work but as soon as there are other black people they drop you. Why can’t I be part of the new friends as well?
  2. I truly understand and believe that inequality and racism exist but sometimes I have no way of truly knowing all the privilege that I enjoy as a white. I just know there are times, I’d like to learn more and the door closes. I wish we could work towards a solution. have detailed conversations and follow-ups.
  3. On social media, a lot of my activist black friends will post complaints about “white people say …” “white people think…” “white people do …” And I always feel like saying, “Not ALL white people!”
  4.  I wish my emotional reaction would not be termed as ‘white people shit’. I know these stereotypes go both ways but this one really hurts me a lot.
  5. Please don’t assume all white people support Trump and are anti-immigration. Because we don’t.

So what do ya’ll think? Was this helpful coming from a white person’s view?Sound off on the comments.

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