I have heard that the easiest way to get understood is by telling your story.

But guys, the last ten months on Sweden have made me question whether this is really true.

I’m now at point where I only share my intimate stories with colleagues and very close friends.

I will tell you why….

1. Not interested

I have found myself in situations where someone asks me about my background and then they change topic mid explanation. It’s not only rude but that can really mess up your self-esteem as you are left wondering if you said something wrong.

2. Can’t relate

There is really nothing much I can do about this. I didn’t play with bouncing castles, never had an allowance and saw my first iceman here in Sweden. Our childhood stories are not compatible. Imagine explaining that I slid on slippery slopes and found that fun to someone who spent their childhood on roller coasters?


3. Not what they expected

Probably because of what they see on TV, some people don’t actually believe we have shopping malls or internet in Africa. And I can actually see the dissapointment in their faces when I try to share positive stories. It’s much better to leave things as they are.

4. Selfpity

Because of all the above scenarios, one can end up feeling sorry that no one seems to relate. I don’t want to feel bad yet I know I come from such a rich cultural background

5. Not necessary

Sometimes it’s better to take a back sit and just let it be. Don’t force conversations. Listen and learn but don’t force your stories on others.